Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Do Boys and Girls Learn Differently?

Why do my little girls prefer to nurture animal, cuddle dolls and play dress-up while my friends boys want to "rough-house" with trucks and cars?

As we grow up, why do girls tend to excel in language and writing while boys perform best in math and science?

I recently did a study on this topic for a Home School Moms Day Out for our local moms group and was stunned at what I found.

Gender differences run much deeper than learned behaviors we adopt by watching our parents. They stem from differences in the way we process information. Scientists have discovered that some of the behaviors that differentiate boys from girls are the result of differences in the way our brains develop and operate.



  • Boys develop language skills later than girls do.

  • Reading & writing may be more difficult for boys in early elementary years than for girls

  • Boys develop spatial memory earlier than girls. In other words, boys can more easily record information about the environment and the position of objects in the environment.

  • Eyes-more directed to direction and motion Hearing-boys don’t hear as well as girls, making it harder to hear softer sounds. Therefore, boys in the back row may not hear a soft-spoken female teacher.

  • Boys develop fine motor skills later than girls do. Even the task of gripping a pencil properly or cutting things out with scissors is more difficult for young boys.

  • Boys' brains go into a rest state many times a day. Boys perform better when taking breaks and moving around.

  • Boys are kinesthetic learners. Boys learn by using gross motor skills, manipulating and moving things to learn.


  • Girls develop language areas of the brain sooner than boys making reading and writing easier
  • Girls process emotion quicker
  • Girls like "context" to their learning. They like learning through narrative. They want to know "why" you have to do something a certain way...while boys just want to do it.
  • Eyes-Girls eyes are drawn to color and textures
  • Hearing-Girls hear higher frequencies than boys and are more sensitive to sounds. It is easier for them to listen in on softer sounds.
  • Girls focus and take risks in less stressful environments
  • Girls brains are more active than those of boys and are less likely to zone out during the day.

So, I was wondering if after reading this you had any "light bulb" moments while thinking about your kids and how they act, learn etc.


  1. GREAT BLOG! just another reason why your an inspiration to me.

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  3. Thanks Sharon and I will get signed up for your blog asap! I love blogging and wish I had started years ago. It's a great way to give back and vent sometimes;)

  4. I had a lightbulb! Zion is such a girl sometimes!

  5. I had a major lightbulb moment! Your description for boys very much describes Matthew! Great blog!

  6. I have two of each and two of them are grown. Kind of figured this out along the way. ;-)